01 Oct

Extra Mile Forms Bowling League

The Extra Mile team joined forces with their Brothers and Sisters at AJ Baynes to form a bowling league. Along with friends and family, the group made up enough teams of four to create our own league. The league meets every other Tuesday at Transit Lanes in Amherst. The teams are vying for the AJ Baynes Group annual bowling trophy.

Team spirit and camaraderie are just another example of what the AJ Baynes Group is all about. Whether your bowling average is 79 or 179 you are sure to have a good time on this league. The atmosphere is filled with cheers of encouragement and support as bowlers hurl their bowling balls down the alley in hopes of a strike or a spare. Nevertheless, there are always those occasional misses and splits. Then there are the shoes, bowling shoes of course. Many of our female bowlers collectively purchased matching black and white patent leather shoes. Talk about a fashion statement. This one takes the cake.

The competition was on during the final weeks of bowling with each team striving to win the first place trophy. But position night proved that the Spare Ribs were the 2007-2008 champions. Special thanks went out to Bev who subbed that evening and whose talents helped to bring a winning victory for the team.

With smiles on their faces and trophy in hand, no one looked happier than the Swingers when they took last place this 2007-2008 season. The team had succeeded in enjoying each others company and having a good time in general. Looking forward to next season they know there is only one place to go and that is up!

Individual achievements went to Darren with High Game Scratch (Men); Megan with High Game Scratch (Women); Jason with High Series Scratch (Men); Sami with High Series Scratch (Women); Dan with High Average (Men); and Sara with High Average (Women).

The season ended on a positive note with a bowling party complete with food, fun and laughter. The highlight of the evening was a video presentation of the many good times had by all. Congratulations went out to all of the winners. We look forward to our next season which begins this fall.